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Discover the music of Mark Hillman...

"Mark's music is enchanting and emotional, his live performances drawing from the soul of music."

Currently based in Townsville, Mark is a South Australian native and long-term resident of North Queensland.

Through live-looping of acoustic rhythms, infused with elements of blues, rock, pyschedlic, classical and jazz styles - Mark’s captivating lead guitar and raw, emotive voice delivers a thought-provoking and uplifting experience.

Having a wide range of material and modifiable setup to cater for mobile operation or full stage performances and anywhere in between, Mark is capable of providing quality entertainment in just about any setting.

Mark is currently in his final year of a Bachelor of Music at Central Queensland University, and is currently taking for booking for festivals, events, venue entertainment, games, TV & motion picture.  Services include performing artist, composer, audio engineer/producer, stage manager and Master of Ceremonies.

"The warmth Mark bares is emergence. He is one of Australia's best hidden talents."

"Watching Mark perform is like being transported to another universe - his performances are filled with intimacy and connection. There is a beauty and a tenderness to him that warms the heart."

"Mark's guitar is an entity that breathes beside him and mixed with his bluesy, psychedelic vocals they are unbelievably engaging."


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